What is that thing we call a "Gut Feeling?" Where does it come from and why should we listen to it?

Somewhere deep inside there is a mechanism that keeps us on track. It's not completely analytical, nor is it totally emotional. It comes from that place that sits in a file deep inside our psyche called intuition. It's both a feeling and a cognitive process. They work together to instruct us whether or not to move ahead with a task, a person, or a situation, to proceed with caution, put the breaks on completely.

However, it is not unusual for us to act in the opposite manner to what our "gut" tells us. Why do we do that? Perhaps it's desire, a wish for something that somehow seems out of our reach, or a hope that what we "feel" might be incorrect. Usually, however, our "gut" knows what's right and what's not.

"I should have gone with my gut," is often heard after we had moved forward with a process that our intuition told us we should not have. Our "gut" feelings and "intuition" do not come out of a vacuum. They derive out of experience and a hidden knowledge that has been built up over the evolution of our species and our individual time on this planet. Knowing not to put our hand into a fire is taught to us from a very early age. Yet...even if we weren't instructed to stay away from the flame, I believe we would know that intrinsically. However, even if we did try to "grab the fire." I don't think we'd ever do it again. We are wired for intuitive thought and by our history. And...quite often that wire goes from our brains to our hearts, so that we recognize, through our "gut," to help others, care for people, and spread love - even if we don't initially do it.

When you know what's intuitively right, when your "gut" sends you those feelings - it may take some work to overcome your desires and go with what - deep down you know is correct. But...if you have the choice, more often than not - your "gut" is trying to lead you along the safer path. It's a good idea to "listen to it!"

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