Somewhere in the human psyche (at least in those of us living in industrialized societies) there must exist this extreme desire to destroy ourselves. How else could one explain the reasons why we pollute our environment, bodies, minds, and souls. I know that politicians, many business people, and average citizens, want to see "progress" and a more "stable financial" economy, with lots of "jobs" and low unemployment...whatever those things really mean. Many of them believe their own rhetoric to the point where they lose sight of what they're actually proposing.

In the zeal and greed to "create" jobs there is a call to deregulate just about everything. Let companies pollute the environment to their hearts content, "manufacture" foods that are both invented in a laboratory and/or filled with so many unhealthy ingredients that they cause gross obesity and disease, and heighten the encouragement of organizations to make more and more things that we don't need, yet work at convincing us that we do.

Here's a suggestion for all the "job" creating "at any cost" zealots. Let companies do whatever they want, pollute however they want, and pay whatever they want. Then...while they're destroying the environment and people's lives, they can create even more companies to clean everything up! Voila! Presto! NO unemployment. Of course, no one would be able to breathe, more and more people would be hired at less than desirable wages, and it would be almost impossible to eat ANYTHING healthy (because our land and water would be so contaminated that even growing organic food would be next to impossible). But...everyone would have a job!

The average person never calculates the costs associated with their ideal situation (at least the ideal situation that they are told to believe). Instead, let's really evaluate what we're doing. Yea...I know, it won't be as greedy or as self-sabotaging. However, we may actually be better off in the long run. I realize that Western "Civilizations" don't enjoy planning and waiting for years. But - let's think about our children, their children, and THEIR children. Do you really want future generations to wonder why we screwed everything up for them? Eh...I didn't think so!

Encourage alternatives. New, clean energy sources; better, healthier, and more efficient food production; a more balanced life with less being more, and more meaning spending time with each other (not being wage slaves so that we can payoff things that we didn't need to begin with). flies in the face of greed and immediate satisfaction. Although, I can almost guarantee you that it will create as many, if not more, jobs in the long run. And probably jobs that will pay better and that people will have more pride in performing. 

Perhaps it sounds a bit idealistic, but - only if you believe the propaganda of the polluters. Let's get real so that we can live for real. We only have one Earth, one body, and a finite amount of time. Let's use each element of the equation wisely.

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