Einstein's theory of relativity said in best: e=mc2. Or, to put it in equals mass times the speed of light squared.

What does that mean? To put it another way...we're all just energy. However, for this period of time we manifest as matter. And - that matter happens to be the people we are when we look in the mirror. But, if we could travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) squared (geez...wouldn't that be somethin'?), we'd turn into energy.

The fact is - that before we're born, the energy of the universe is what it is. The unborn us being a part of it. When we die...(as much as you may not want to think about it) we decompose and become energy again. Of course, during our time as matter, we're still giving off and taking in energy too. So - when people say that he or she is a "ball of energy," that expression is really true!

As we go through life we should think about how our energy affects others (and their energy), since we're all connected through the energy constant we call the universe. Since the energy of the universe is constant, we're only who we are as part of the continuation of the different forms that energy takes. Meaning...stars are stars for a finite amount of time, then they turn into another form of energy. Your computer is in the form of a computer for "x" amount of time and too will turn into energy, as - you will (as I mentioned before) as well.

Now that we recognize that we're all made up of the same 'bout we work at getting along with each other and everything else on planet Earth, and in the universe, so that we can make this time of being matter...matter!

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