Love is complex. Yet, it's as simple as any other emotion we possess. The feeling of love can be experienced when a parent looks at his or her child or his or her own parents, siblings, or dear friends. Love shields us, it reveals us, and it exposes us like an open book. We need to love like we need to eat. It's part of our basic wants and desires. Everyone feels the same. However, those who do not get enough love may (like a person with malnutrition) become ill or die, it in ways that may be harmful to themselves and others.

Being a loving person can help everyone, including yourself. By spreading love, we spread peace, calmness, and feelings of respect for others. Those things alone can help heal the ailments of the world and many individuals who inhabit it.

There is, of course, another aspect of love. And that is the feeling of being IN love. It's passion, admiration, desire, and physical and mental "rushes" all wrapped into one. Being IN love often gets misinterpreted with infatuation (which eventually wears off). While REALLY being IN love is knowing that the other person gets you, fits you "like a glove," and excites you. And - is respectful enough not to want to control you.

When a person feels love it encompasses their being. We all know the affect it can have. Each of us may react in a slightly different manner, but - generally, our emotions are reflective of the positives that love brings. So...if you recognize that love is one of the most powerful elements of life and that the positive energy it conveys can cure so many problems, why not use it to do just that? What could be better than living in a world filled with love?

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