Epiphanies change our lives. That's just what they do. All of a sudden we understand something that's been hidden away in our enigma that we've never been able to fully grasp, or perhaps it's a situation that we didn't know existed that, "in a flash," becomes...oh so clear. Epiphanies are a spark of realization. Kind of like an positive explosion in our psyche that enables us to "see" things that had been invisible to us before.

What brings a person to that point? Why does the road open up when it may have been closed, or blocked, for so long? The answer might lay in our ability to broaden our perspectives, dismantle our thought filters, and allow ourselves to become wiser - and less close-minded.

When an individual's judgments have been "set in stone" they tend to close themselves off to new ideas, creative thinking, and the process that enables them to experience life using all of their senses. Sure...epiphanies may just "happen." But, I tend to believe that the mechanism that facilitates the "happening" has to be cleared in order for things to "come together." Think about things that have given you those "ah ha" moments...those little epiphanies that change the way to understand things. Didn't you have to allow that to happen?

You may say "no," but I would venture to say that if you think about might come to a different conclusion. A tightly closed mind won't, or perhaps can't, allow new information to enter it. It's like trying to open a jar that's been closed so tightly that it's nearly impossible to loosen the lid. However, once you figure it out - that same closed jar becomes a vessel for all kinds of things. New items enter it freely (this is metaphorical, so please don't send me a comment that your cocker spaniel couldn't get into it!).

So...what is the road to epiphanies. Well, it's your opened mind, of course. That includes...being less judgmental, less emotional, more understanding, more accepting, more able to communicate with all types of people, calmer, and friendlier. Once you master your opened mind, you will be amazed by how many epiphanies you will have! In fact, there may be one on its way to you right now!
Adrian Morton
6/6/2012 02:35:19 am

I understand your reasoning, but is that the only way you truly believe that people may have those "ah-ha" moments? I believe that an open mind can help, but I have had those moments and (from what I recall anyway) I do not think I was thinking differently or maybe exposed to something new. Then again, I am pretty open minded to begin with.

Dan Goldberg
6/6/2012 06:16:32 am


I think your last line hits it squarely on the mark. Perhaps if you were very close-minded you would never have been able to experience those "ah ha" moments. However, I do see your initial point.

It may be possible to have those moments when one's mind is clear, but we say, open. How tightly closed one's mind is can certainly affect what it allows in.


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