Have you ever noticed the difference between the way people who are loving sound and the sound of people who hate?

Hate screams. Love sounds times it's even silent. Those who feel the need to propagate hate like to create division and demonize groups or individuals, and enjoy yelling it from "rooftops." Usually the haters have never met, or at least had any meaningful interactions with, members of the groups they rail against. Nevertheless, they have no problem putting them down, beating them up, or feeling that they have to "straighten them out by teaching them a lesson."  

There is, of course, a major element of ignorance to hate, along with a feeling of insecurity by the hater. What other reasons could explain the need to work so hard to make one's self look so much more superior than someone else? The louder one yells, the more they can assert themselves.

Love, on the other hand, is quiet. You can't force someone to love, you can only give them the knowledge to take the time to understand others, be non-judgmental, think, and reason. These things are the antithesis of hate. Deep thinking is not something haters like to do. It's easier to follow and rationalize one's behavior than it is to use one's cognitive thought processes and be open-minded (another enemy of hate).

So...the louder a person screams, the quicker the non-thinkers jump in line.

Love is much more quiet. It never screams. It's realized. It comes through thought and is derived by understanding.

Think about all the hate you've witnessed throughout your life, whether directly or through the media. Can you recognize how it's bombastic and often violent? Love contains none of those traits. Some of the greatest disciples of love the world has ever known have been quiet, unassuming, and gentle. And...certainly not verbose.

Turn on your radio, television, and computer and you will, if you search without much effort, hear the loud sounds of division, distraction, condemnation, and hate. But...if you are lucky enough to stand in a tranquil field, sail on the ocean, or trek up a mountain and enjoy the silence, you just might hear - in the solitude - the whisper of love.

In the calm of our surroundings and the bustle of our daily lives, within the peaceful interactions between people and the time spent understanding one another, there lies something special...listen closely my friends and chances are - you will hear the quiet loudness of love.

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