As many of you know...I'm a big proponent of learning, seeking knowledge, and traveling - either physically or through books, magazines, or any other mentally stimulating (legal) means. In that pursuit, we (as a society) spend lots of time searching for "the fruits of life." However, sometimes we seem to forget that the things closest to us may be exactly what we're looking for.

Our society is filled with stimuli, which often causes us to think that those fruits are much further away than they really are. We take vacations to relax, see new sites, or "find ourselves." These sojourns sometimes get the desired results, but on other occasions create the opposite affect. We might stress about the costs, the work at the office, being so far from loved ones, or just feeling removed from our "comfort zone."

Now I'm not saying to stay home and sequester yourself in your office, bedroom, or kitchen. However, try looking around close to your abode. You may find some incredible things to keep you entertained, make your mind curious, energize your innovation, or bring awe into your life, right outside (or inside) your door.

My dad used to have a saying whenever someone would ask him why he didn't travel more (it wasn't that he didn't travel at all, he just liked to stay in Philly). He'd respond: "Why do I need to travel...everything I want is right here in this house!). Yea...he loved his family and his home town. But he also loved to read and learn. Books were a big part of his life. I would venture to say that, even if he traveled more, he wouldn't have gotten much more knowledge "out there" than he did off of those pages!

So...realize that - "The fruits of life are all around you. Sometimes in places where you least expect them. It's up to you to find them, harvest them, and enjoy them to the fullest." It might be a big and exciting world out there, but perhaps the treasures you seek are really very close to home or...just "right in front of your face."

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