Americans, in fact people in most of the world, have become less and less tolerant of folks with different opinions. This has been especially evident over the last decade. It pains me that we've become a society of intolerance, even though we claim to be just the opposite. Listen to the political debates and all you hear is the spewing of self-righteousness without the wherewithal to stop and say...that, "Perhaps I'm wrong. Let me hear your opinion and I'll contemplate it and maybe I'll be able to see things a bit more from your perspective." Well, my friends - we all know that ain't happenin'!

Those folks are so intransitive that they actually think that everything they say is correct. Unless, of course, it means votes. Then...they'll turn on a dime.

So what can we do about this "mess?" First, you gotta laugh. The whole thing is like a Fellini movie wrapped in a cartoon, which is then packaged in a joke, then firmed tucked away in the pocket of Mephistopheles. They've sold their souls. If I believed in the devil, I'd say that's who they've sold them to. But's all about the money and the power.

How can a person be happy in a society that has lost the beauty of discourse, the wonder of debate, and the treasure of dialogue? Start doing it! Get your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances together and speak with each other - civilly - whether you agree with them or not. You may just find that people you thought you had nothing in common with, actually think a lot like you. Or...they may even help you to see things in another light. Scary, I know. Try it and you just may get hooked!
4/22/2012 05:34:30 pm

Yes beauty lies in the shame also,certain things are not to be reveled in front of everybody but people don't understand and they enjoy doing it again and again,irrespective of the fact that it will harm their position in market.Thanks for putting eye on this topic.

Dan Goldberg
4/23/2012 12:08:25 am

Thank you for your insight Dermal! make a very good point about the harm people can do by revealing things over and over again without recognizing the affect it may have on others. Perhaps these same people need to learn the art of listening and understanding how their words hurt.


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