I'm a baseball fan through and through - particularly a Philadelphia Phillies fan. The National Pastime is a wonderful thing. It brings all kinds of people together. It doesn't matter what your politics are, what religion or philosophy you follow, what your ethnicity is, or what educational level you've achieved. Baseball is the great equalizer. It doesn't even matter (past one's team loyalties) what team you follow. There is a camaraderie between baseball fans. The sport brings us together. Statistics dance in a fan's head like ballerinas, the sights and smells of "the game" bring back memories of laughter with families and friends, disappointment and headache, joy and jubilation, and the fascination of watching that perfect swing, that incredible pitch, that amazing slide, throw, steal, or tag. It's all its glory.

Thoughts abound. To me, baseball also means recalling watching the game with my mom, dad, and brother. And, reveling in the fact that I now experience it with my son. It's a family game, a community game, a national game - and an international game. Fans react to every move, watch the players position themselves strategically for each pitch. And hope that their team wins.

Today the season opens for my beloved Phillies. The same holds true for the team they face - the Pittsburgh Pirates. Visions of days past race in my head. Schmidt and Stargell, Ashburn and Clemente, Roberts and Face, and on and on. Now, every baseball fan's wishes are fresh, filled with hope. Perhaps their team will win the World Series! Maybe, no matter how poorly they did last year...things will come together and they'll catch "lightening in a bottle" and pull off an incredible run to the top.

But for's a new season. The ballparks will be full (as they always are for the Phillies), fans will cheer and/or groan with every pitch, play, or umpire's call. It's here my friends. And, I for one, have been waiting for this day for months. It's time to..."Play Ball!!"
Eric M. D'Andrea
5/29/2012 03:59:00 am

I know this blog may be a little out dated but this is one thing that I can relate to. I absolutely love baseball! Whether it is watching it on TV, attending games, hanging out with friends to catch a game or checking my phone for updates of the score when I'm not able to watch it. Putting all that aside though, going to or watching a baseball game or rooting for your team is not only that. I believe it is something else. You said in class today, 5/29, of your 3 worst inventions of all time. 1) Religion 2) Nationalism 3) Race. These three things don't matter when your enjoying a baseball game with your loved ones or your friends. Yes, there are people who root for different teams and not all root for your team, but that is besides the point. There is one thing on your mind when attending or watching a baseball game and that is enjoying the next 2 1/2 to 3 hours with people you want to be with doing something that you love to do. It does not matter who you believe in or where you are from or what you look like. What matters is that you are sharing a past time everybody can relate to. And that I believe is the beauty of the game of baseball.

Dan Goldberg
5/29/2012 05:36:08 am

I totally agree with you! Baseball is a great equalized on so many levels. Its memories are priceless (including its multi-generational aspects). There's a beauty to the game that's like nothing else.

In fact...I'm looking forward to watching the Phillies play tonight. As one fan said in an editorial not long ago..."There's two sports seasons - baseball and waiting for baseball!"

Enjoy the game!


I am your soulmate:) To tell the truth, I'm very excited to find this article available here:) We both know and feel at the same time the beauty of the game of baseball! Enjoy the game!


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