We live in a society that's "always on the go." Take a few moments to think about that phrase. Why? Way do we always have to be "on the go?" What's the purpose? We're so accustomed to it and have made it so much a part of our lives that...we have gotten to the point where we have to "go away" to relax!

Yoga centers, spiritual retreats, vacation spots, spas, books, coaches, "gurus," speakers, and so many other places, people, and things, make money on the fact that people need to get away from the "madness." I'm not saying that's a bad thing...nope - not in the least. But...if one doesn't buy into the madness to begin with, wouldn't that help a person relax? I think it would.

Look...we have created this "madness" called society. We actually think that if we're not busy, something's wrong! However, there's a definition that's in dire need of being clarified. What the heck does "busy" mean? Why can't a person be busy doing nothing - or...just relaxing, reading a book, drinking and/or eating? We don't do too many things these days without feeling "hyper."

Most of the stuff we think is important really isn't. We race around as economic slaves trying to make money to buy things we don't really need. Then...we get so stressed out by the whole ordeal that we have to spend money to relax! Huh?! Stop! Slow down...prioritize. Recognize the fact that you can be mellow right here. Geez, even in front of a computer screen. It's all about perspective.

If you put your life in perspective, you'll realize that you waste a lot of valuable "stop time" being frantically "on the go." Try being a being who spends his or her days in the mellowness of now. Hard? Sure...if that's what you think and have been led to believe. But, walk away from the "craziness" and you'll soon find out that life is pretty cool! You don't have to travel anywhere, practice any specific dogma, or search outside of yourself. All you really have to do is "stop."

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