Want to start a successful business? Start by watching the video below.
7/11/2013 11:13:37 am

Excellent video...looking forward to watching more. I just posted this on FB. I had lunch with a dear friend today who is interested in starting a business but does not know what kind of business or how to go about it. She wants to do this when she moves to a new state. I suggested to her that after she gets settled to think about a business or an activity that she liked here that she can't find that she missed not being able to patronize or do. Then she might be able to start coming up with ideas for what kind of business she wants to start. Then I told her the next step would be to do research, a lot of research. Hopefully she can learn from both you and I.

Dan Goldberg
7/11/2013 11:29:27 am

Thanks Dawn! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We will be producing and posting a Soaring to Success video about once a week (as we will with our Soaring to Enlightenment videos). They'll all be on my page (we post something everyday).

Your suggestions are excellent. I agree with you 100%! May I be so bold as to recommend my book: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Successful Leadership (that I co-authored with my friend Don Martin). It's pretty much a step-by-step outline in starting a business.

Your friend is very lucky to have a knowledgeable resource and friend like you!

All my best,


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