If you take the time to dissect human behavior, especially over the last few hundred year, you'll notice a marked propensity to think that we "own" the Earth and everything in and on it. And...that somehow we are apart from nature and not an integral ingredient of it.

However, if you step back and take a broad view of what's around'll see a beautiful tapestry of life that includes us. We certainly are part of the texture of our world. So many different types of people, each one its own special self. The same holds true for all the other beings, plants, and elements that make up life.

Instead of wanting to control everything around us, perhaps humans would be better off rejoicing in the fact that we live in a wonderful and wondrous environment that should be embraced. All the other beings have their needs too. Like us - they need to have sustenance, propagate their species, and have security and shelter. Yes, many of them prey on others in order to eat (just as humans do). But...that's part of the cycle of life. Yet, there isn't a mad desire to control every other species around them. Or...a "need" to "rape" our planet to extract elements that only have value because we say they do.

Imagine a world that only had humans as its inhabitants. It would be a pretty stark place. Not very interesting or exceedingly exciting. Our other "partners" on the Earth give us the pleasure of their company. Perhaps we should take the time to return the favor and make life as pleasant for them as possible. the process, make it better for us as well!

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