What is a “Yogic Lifestyle?”

While most people have a concept of yoga…mostly of people sitting in the lotus position, some other more physically demanding position, or just meditating, there is another method of yoga that I practice on a constant basis. I call it “Broadview Yoga™” or “Viewenics™.” It is a method of separating yourself from your self. This enables a person to watch themselves as if they’re in their own movie…the movie of life.

There are exercises that can help a person reach that “state.” I have taught it to some of my students and many of them have told me about the positive results they have achieved.

When you practice “Broadview Yoga™” or “Viewenics™ you start to realize how your energy affects yourself and those around you. You become more aware of your surroundings, which empowers you to see things from a new and broader perspective. Most people don’t think about how their energy can cause negative or positive consequences, they may recognize the aftermath of their actions but, all too often, they do not use their ability to watch things unfold.

Taking a more expanded view of life can enable an individual to become a more peaceful person, as well as one who may realize how, when watching one’s self, he or she can see amazing things.

My yogic lifestyle requires no specific positions and mantras (although I don’t deny the fact they those things can certainly be beneficial). It only requires a certain awareness that can be with you constantly, or called upon when needed.

Being the “star” of your own life movie while watching yourself in your “role,” can change your life for the better and forever.

2/17/2012 02:08:30 pm

Welcome to the Land of Blogging! I enjoyed reading your post and keep up the good work. Beard's Back! xxo

2/18/2012 12:06:06 am

Thanks very much Arlene! I'm glad you enjoyed my post and look forward to hearing from you again as the site and blog grows!

Alex Olenginski
2/24/2012 02:06:27 am

I totally agree with you Dr. Goldberg. I love your class

2/24/2012 06:04:58 am

Thank you for your kind words Alex.


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