Life is a series of movements. We have no choice but to continue forward. Even if we would rather live in the past, we can't. One can mentally exist in a constant state of longing for the past. But, our lives are always in the now.

Yes...we all know that there are daily challenges. Nothing seems to take us directly to our goals. We have to, at least a good portion of the time, navigate the waters of being. There are always mountains to climb and valleys to cross. However...the path itself is straight. It may appear to be winding, the end, you will realize that it was perfectly straight.

Along our passage through life we encounter those who we deem less fortunate, whether: physically, emotionally, economically, intellectually, or in any other fashion. Or we may be in the presence of those who inspire us to do great things. Perhaps...some may view us as the ones less fortunate or their inspiration.

However we appear, and whatever our mission as a person, deep inside we all should realize that we do not exist in a vacuum. Others help us as we travel through life. They give, or have given, of themselves so that we may grow. There will also come a time when each of us must return the favor. We should give back to those who have helped us, taught us, need our assistance, and our love and gratitude. Chances are we may not know the individuals we help, the animals we give care to, or the environment we embrace. But - when we give of ourselves, we complete (in a manner of speaking) the positive deeds done for us. This receiving and giving cycle remains with us for our entire lives (if we're fortunate enough to partake in it).

Give and receive, receive and give. As we keep the cycle going we fill our lives with an energy that helps us create contentment for ourselves and others.

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