I'm a child of the 60's and proud of it! Rock 'N Roll flows through my blood. takes many forms. From the classic sounds of the Beatles to the rockin' classics of Beethoven. From the Grateful Dead to the rollin' melodies of Gaelic ballads and everything in between.

Music is not celebrated enough - as far as I'm concerned. It should be as much a part of school as history, math, business, and physics. After all, it's really a part of all of those subjects - and more. Music enables us to "let our hair down," encourages us to let our hair grow, color it with expression, and even shave it off. Music is beautiful in all its wondrous vibrations. Kind of the same thing as speech, only with more rhythm. Music is one of the great embodiments of creativity.

Music should accompany us in more places than elevators and iPods. It should be in classrooms and meeting rooms, political meetings and board meetings, even in the hallowed halls of our religious institutions. Yes...I know, in many cases, it already is. But - quite often music is seen as dangerous. Why, because it opens the heart and soul of people, makes them move (and groove), makes them less easy to "control" in the real sense.

It's tough to preach dogma with the pull of Rock 'N Roll, or any other kind of music that moves one away from being "under one's thumb" (with apologies to The Stones) and makes them think about letting the vibrations "free them."  Maybe it should be mandatory that all meetings start with some type of music that loosens up those in attendance so they're more open to others' opinions and ideas. Hmm...think about it!

So - relish the sounds around you. The birds are rockin' and so are the bees - each to their own "music". And we, as humans, must also recognize the fact the our universal language IS music (as, of course, is Love). In your vigilance...make sure you never allow someone to take you away from that special language that makes your feet tap and your body move. Spend more time listening to music, it'll help you dance through life. And perhaps - this trip will, to some degree, be - "Still Rock 'N Roll To You!"

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