Why is violence glorified? How come death and destruction are what fuels the news media and also our curiosity?  There's a simple explanation. "If it bleeds, it leads." That's the mantra the media uses to attract our attention.

I owned a marketing, management, advertising, and public relations firm for almost 15 years. Quite often, in our interactions with newspapers, television and radio stations, we were very aware that negative stories would always be their top priorities. Sure...they'd run "public interest" pieces and "touchy/feely" stories, but...their main focus was: murder, injuries, devastation, and destruction. Why? So that they could sensationalize it and get people to tune in. It was, and still is, all about viewers and advertising dollars.

Dissect what you watch and you'll see how violence has taken a front seat to most other forms of "entertainment." There are other reasons as well. It often takes our minds off our daily troubles and transfers them to the "poor souls" in the news, or "victims" in the scripted television shows.

On one hand, we've become numb to violence in all its forms, on the other...(and I choose to part of "the other"), I see media manipulation and realize how I COULD be sucked in if I chose to be. 

Stop and think about how you view the world, how you're led to watch certain things, and what you can do to free yourself of society's violence obsession. Learn peace, kindness, compassion, and love, and...spread those precious commodities while turning off shows and others forms of media that propagate violence, hatred, destruction, and negativity.

You control your "remote." Learn how to use it to create a more positive outlook on life.

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