Ambiguity can be a daunting thing. Lots of people have a very low tolerance for ambiguous situations/problems/ and the puzzles of life. Yet...there is a simple way to deal with the enigmatic things that face us in life.

People tend to become overwhelmed when situations become too complex. They often would rather walk away from the process, wait until it either goes away (which it usually doesn't), or hope that someone else finds a solution (which may take a lot of time). However, if you stand back and take stock of what may seem like, the enormity of the situation, you may find your answer. Think about a picture or a jigsaw puzzle. Each, from afar, looks like a complete graphic image, you get closer, you realize that both are made up of little (often tiny) pieces, or pixels.

A easy way to deal with ambiguity is to break the situation down into smaller segments as well. If you wanted to start a business, you wouldn't find a store, rent it, and then try to figure out what you wanted to sell.'d think about your idea and the passion behind it, decide on which products or services you wanted to provide, figure out who you wanted to sell to (demographically), search for the best vehicles by which to market your products (and research as to why they are), recognize who you need to help you build your organization into a success, project out your financials (such as cash flow, your break even point, and expenses), develop a name, logo, and design your store and website. Plus, do whatever else you have to do to make your new venture into the dream you envisioned. does one deal with ambiguity? They turn it into amsmalluity! Relax, put things into perspective, break things into manageable segments, accomplish one thing at a time. And - before you know will have turned that ambiguous situation into a satisfying result!

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