Ahh...chemistry. No, not the subject that sent shivers down your spine every time you walked into the classroom in high school and saw the periodic table. Not THAT chemistry. Not the one you may have wanted to avoid at all costs. I'm takin' about the one you want to find - no matter what it costs!

We're on this planet for, at least, one purpose that I know of. And that, my friends, is to make more of us! Yes...I'm broaching those wonderful topics of sex, love, passion, contentment, harmony, and the drivers that put them in the forefront of our minds.

Everyone needs someone. Regardless of who you are, the need to be loved and love somebody else in return is, probably, the strongest emotion (and urge) we possess. There are countless industries that depend on that...either directly or indirectly. We all know that "sex sells," and since there's no evidence to the contrary, I gotta agree. Just think of all the bars, singles groups, dating websites, dating services, and friends who want to "fix you up," that you visit, check out, or speak with - just so you can meet that "special someone."  

And...once you've done your "due diligence," what does it all come down to? Chemistry. That elusive thing that everyone wants, yet no one can describe. Here's what people usually say, "Well, I'll know her (or him) when I see her (or him). It's tough to tell you exactly what I'm lookin' for. Sure, I have my criteria -'s really all about chemistry." Hmm...I guess it is when you think about it. It's really about the chemical reactions our bodies get when they are in the presence of the "right" person. So, what does that mean? Our hormones go into overdrive, our skin tingles, and the other things that need to get stimulated (in whatever way that may be) get stimulated. That's it! It really is chemical.

So, the next time you're "in the hunt," just bring a periodic chart with you. And - when someone asks you what you're lookin' for, save yourself some time and just point to those wonderful little block with the elements in 'em and say, "This!" 

Of course, if you've already found that chemistry - know that love is worth more than its weight in Au!
9/9/2014 06:11:37 pm

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11/2/2015 10:05:54 am

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This theme is for all ages, I think. I'm glad that you began to speak about it. It's important for me to read YOUR thought about this.

7/5/2016 04:20:01 am

After reading this article, I can feel how sad your life must be. That CHEMISTRY isn't achieved by chemical reactions in your body, and if you really think so, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

8/18/2016 02:06:26 am

I guess we might be wrong in the way we experience our life events. I mean our emotions on that. We've made a tendency with all those "chemistry". It is actually chemistry, but "chemistry" is only one level of organization from all existent.


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