Business should be about passion. It's as simple as that. You should look forward to starting, building, working at, or conceptualizing your business and/or business day like you do when you think about, or have, your morning coffee or tea. Even if your business IS coffee and/or tea.

Why else would you want to go to work? Yes...I know it's about money. But, life only comes around once and if you're miserable at work, what's the point?  Business success is derived from the energy you, and your team, put into it. 

"Homework" is the drudgery of business,'s essential. When I started my optical company I spent a lot of time dissecting the industry, its affect on population, the pricing policies and marketing of other companies, and the overall concept that people had of the field. Then, I "went to work." And - it worked! Researching if your product or service is needed may seem like it's taking time away from your goal, but...if you love what you're doing yet no one needs or wants it, I suggest you rethink your idea.

Once you've decided to "jump into the game" - and remember, business is a game - stay focused. Lay out your strategies and tactics, gather your resources, put your management and marketing plans together, and start rollin'! Whether you're creating something entirely new, or "improving" on something that already exists, you have to let people know. Marketing is the key! 

Study marketing; it's effectiveness, when and how to use it, and who your customer/client base is. It doesn't have to take a lot of money, should definitely be tenacious if you want to be successful. sure you're ready to handle what you just told the world you're selling! Otherwise, it will all be for naught. I'm sure you don't want that to happen.

As we move forward, in both my blog posts and my videos, I'll be writing and speaking about the different aspects of creating business success. So...I suggest you check out my new video series, Soaring to Success™ on my youtube channel: DanG4u2 (as well as take a look at my other videos), follow my blog posts on the subject, and send me your questions and comments both here and in the comment section on youtube. I look forward to hearing from you. And, I invite you to get involved, but please - don't get stressed. After's only business!

For the entrepreneur, business is more than just the promise of making money, it's the realization of one's goals. Most entrepreneurs I know, including myself, are goal driven - as opposed to money driven. Any entrepreneur worth his or her salt will tell you that their businesses are a reflection of their dreams. And...if they're lucky enough to make those dreams into reality, and that reality becomes a success (in whatever form that takes), then...the money follows.

As many of you know, I've had some wonderful experiences and successes in my business life. I've also had some endeavors that taught me what not to do. Yet...I still consider myself a serial entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. Some have a higher risk tolerance than others, however, as we've all recently learned - even working for someone else brings with it enormous risks.

When I look at my classrooms full of students, or sit on the stage at commencement, viewing hundreds of graduates as they get ready to go out into the business world, I wonder. Will they be able to find jobs? Will those jobs make them happy? Will their desires be fulfilled?

Today, more and more people have to think about going into business for themselves. Everyone I know...and that includes you, has brilliant ideas - things that could change the world in small or big ways. All it takes is direction, focus, knowing one's strengths and weaknesses, being able to realize when to partner with others and when it can be done alone, and having the tenacity to stick with an idea, set a plan, gather resources, and forge ahead. 

I've coached and trained more entrepreneurs than I can count. I've helped them "get on their feet," given them advice, coached them through problems, and guided them so that they could avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities. It's part of what I love to do and is integral to my own entrepreneurial dream. 

Sometimes, being business brave can be one of the most invigorating endeavors of a person's life. In today's environment it may be the best choice one can make. So...think about your desires, your plans, your wishes, what motivates you, what inspires you, what makes you (or would make you) want to "get up and go" each morning, and start conceptualizing your future endeavor(s). Life is's business journey should make a person happy and as contented as possible. 

In the societies in which we live, economic survival is based (whether one agrees with it or not) on business and money - yes...they are both mental constructs, but - as with so many mental constructs, we make them real. Therefore, with that reality in mind - think, grow, innovate, and work on building your business dream. There is a sea of opportunities out there. can acheive your business objectives while still being kind, compassionate, sustainable, and also by putting people before profits. Because when people come first...profits usually follow (especially if you understand what it takes to have the margins you need to be successful).

If you can handle the just might be worth it - in so many ways!
The Ultimate Question
Yes, I know you're wondering what the heck I mean by "The Ultimate Question."'s not the meaning of life. We're all aware that life is a cereal, was a great magazine, and has something to do with our existence. Okay, maybe it has a more substantial meaning, but I've addressed that in  priors post  - see various posts below (both video and written) - and will delve into it further (on a consistent basis) in forthcoming posts.

What I'm taking about is the question that helps you get the answers to so many of your personal situations. Like...when it comes to interacting - speaking with your children, your spouse or partner, your friends, your parents, and anyone else (including yourself) who wants you to come up with a decision or needs guidance - and that includes when you're involved in the buying and selling process as well.

Here's a scenario: you're speaking with a salesperson who is pressing you to buy their new widget. She gives you all the features and benefits; you both establish the price and cost (yes, they're two different things), and go over the warranty. Yet, something's still missing. Perhaps the cost doesn't satisfy you, the color is not "right," or the model isn't exactly what you want. However, you know that the salesperson may be holding something back. The question to ask is: Hold it...I'm not gonna tell you until I give you this other illustration.

You're in a problematic situation with someone you love. He or she has done something that calls for some sort of response or action on your part. But - you aren't sure what to do.'s the magic question for your loved one AND the salesperson! Ready..."If you were me - what would you do?"

Yep, that's it. And guess works! Ask them what they'd do if they were you and in the situation you're in (which is the same one they're in, except on the opposite side). Ninety-nine out of a hundred times they'll actually tell you what you should do. Even if it means that they'd be advising you to take an action counter to what they'd prefer.

On the rare occasion that they give you an answer like, "I'd do nothing," or "I'd buy it," you can always say..."Hmm, but that's not an option. If you take that off the table, then what would you do?" Eventually they'll come up with an appropriate answer that you can use. And THEY will have "sealed the decision." I know it may sound a bit harsh, but it's really not. In essence, they've just told you how they'd react if they were put in your position.

So my friends - that's the "Ultimate Question!" And the beauty of it will almost always get you the "Ultimate Answer!" Now..."If you were me, would you say you're finished writing?" Yeah...I thought so - see you all later!