We just completed a February -  here in the Philly area - where there wasn't any measurable amount of snow. I can't remember that ever happening. wouldn't surprise me if it did. However, the frequency of this type of weather is getting a little scary. January, by the way, wasn't much "snowier" either. The high 50's, even days when the temperature reached 60 or more, have become a bit more commonplace this season. Of course, the paradox in all this is that I kinda like it! But, I know it's not good for our ecosystem and is not the least bit normal (or what we used to define as normal).

Here's the other side of the coin. If it's abnormally warm in the winter, what's it gonna be like in the summer? Since our temperatures have been warmer on more than one occasion this year than those in Florida, California, and Arizona (as witnessed by speaking with my friends there), does that mean that we should start pulling out our wide brimmed hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen now? I vividly remember driving back from teaching at Temple University last summer, looking up at my car's outside temperature indicator and seeing the picture I've attached to this blog post. I was amused, freaked, and hot, all at the same time!

What are we in for my friends? Geez, maybe we'll be surprised and March will be the snowiest on record (why don't I think that's gonna happen?!), or July will be way below normal and the Philadelphia area will be awash in people in parkas (I have a feeling that ain't happenin' either!).

So, get ready for spring folks, 'cause it may just be a prelude to quite a matter where you live on this blue planet!

Yo...where's my 50 spf?