For so many individuals a balanced life has become as elusive as catching a cloud. Society's pressures and stresses have moved people away from being in balance with themselves and their surrounding and into a frantic position of constant - and often needless - motion. People have become spinning tops caught in a perpetual state of inertia.

Relaxation even has to be scheduled! What does that say about our view of life and of ourselves? Balance is not something that one does on a mat for a few hours a week, it is a way of life. Prioritizing one's health, family, love, contentment, and living in the now, are all important elements of balance. How can one feel balanced when he or she is always looking at what needs to be done in the future and...when they have not really lived in the present?

What happens if the future doesn't come? Will you have spent your "nows" ignoring their importance for the sake of something that never happened? That doesn't mean that a person shouldn't plan for the future. does mean that he or she shouldn't be obsessed by it. 

To be balanced, at least by my standards, also means to understand the difference between "working to live" and "living to work." It means looking at what's around you and understanding that it could change at any time and that you should "take it all in" and enjoy it. In addition, it is an ability to create a "level plane" for yourself, so that you don't get too high with the "highs" or low with the "lows." And - to be able to laugh robustly - especially at yourself, as well as recognize how to put life in perspective. takes a realization that life is always changing. That's just inherent in the state of existence.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that (and I've said this many times before) we create our on constructs, then...often live by them, stress over them, and lose sight of what's truly worthwhile in being alive on this planet. The secret is actually not a secret at's staring you in the face. It's in every person you see, love, and care about. It's recognizing that those you love and who love you in return want you around and not some fancy toy in your stead. It's the mountains, rivers, streams, and sky. It's everything in the universe.'s admiring all that while you're here - not letting it pass you by in the humdrum of running around as you focus on what can be, as opposed to what is. 

Balance is enjoying now. Knowing that each now will never be here again. Balance may include planning,'s overwhelmingly about being present every moment of your life.
I must say...I laugh a lot. I guess it all started with my dad. He was a very funny man. That led to me taking his lead and becoming a joke/funny story teller, my high school class' "class clown," then a stand-up  comic and writer, the soldier that other guys in my company wanted to ride along with to keep things light and in perspective, a man of many voices on morning radio here in Philly, and on to just a guy who enjoys injecting humor into his keynote speeches and (when in the role of professor) his class discussions .

I find humor in everything from Anthony Bourdain (on the travel channel), to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (on the comedy channel), to real news shows (yep...that's right, our news is, more often than not...a bit askew), to the comedies on the "silver screen" (no horror flicks for me...gimme a belly laugher any day), to the absurdities of life (including myself, my life, and some of the things I do - geez, if you can't laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at others). Life, and the things we humans do in it, is often so bizarre that I have to laugh at it. The clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive, the things we think are important (and really - to me anyway - aren't), make me laugh. Sometimes I'll be driving along the highway, look out my window, see a ridiculous vehicle and just start laughing. I know that we live in a comedy show. I see it everyday in real life.

If I took half the stuff seriously that "they" want us to...I think I'd have to regurgitate my lunch.
Look around and you tell me whether or not you believe that most of the things people do aren't worth, at least, a chuckle. The political process we're going through now is, if you honesty look at it, extremely funny (although some may call it sad). I choose to laugh at the absurdity. The same goes for some of the other things we think are "stuff to be serious about."

Break it all down and...they're mostly made up. Some by "madmen" and some by others who genuinely want to help people. But - we live in a mental construct. Of course...there are lots of things that I take very seriously. Nothing is more horrible than people being hurt or worse (either physically or mentally).'s the rest, that when looked at honestly, is basically a game. And, all too often, a funny one.'s some advice. Laugh more, don't take things too seriously. Start by laughing at yourself. Then, move on to the world around you. Pretty soon you'll find that you're less stressed, feeling better, enjoying the humorous (new) side of life, and not worried about a lot of the things that used to drive you nuts.'ll also recognize that laughter is great medicine! Oh can start with the ads on TV for those other medications.