It is not unusual to hear people say that staying focused is extremely important in our society. That's what one has to do in order to become successful in business and/or life. I don't disagree with that, but...I don't completely agree with it either.

Being focused means honing in on a project, idea, task, or concept. Yes - to get things completed you have to stay on task and not deviate from what must be accomplished. However, staying too focused can also have a negative affect. It can stunt creativity.

America has become a society that talks about how creative and innovative we are, yet - also tends (to some extent) to want people to stay within certain boundaries and stay away from risk. Not to get overly political here, but - the recent universal healthcare situation is a case in point. The opponents of universal healthcare would talk about how the Canadians, British, and others who live in countries that have government sponsored healthcare all have to wait months for care, or wait in line or at hospitals for hours to be taken care of. Whether or not this is true is not important in this case. Because...not surprisingly, these same American citizens would also speak about how great OUR healthcare system is; how innovative, inventive, and cutting edge our scientists, pharmaceutical companies, insurance organizations and doctors are. And...I will admit, to a large degree, they are.

However, taking their argument to its natural conclusion, wouldn't it then seem that these same innovative, inventive, and cutting edge companies and individuals could come up with a universal healthcare system where people wouldn't have to wait in line, or at the hospital, for hours - or...wait for months for treatment or surgery?

You see, the opponents of a new healthcare system (or any other new way of doing things) can't stay so focused that they stop thinking creatively. It just doesn't make sense. Sure there's plenty of money at stake...plenty. And, that's a major reason opponents of any "old way" of doing things hold their ground. But their position falls apart when you enter the elements of creativity and innovation into the argument. So - whenever you run in to people who staunchly defend the status quo, you must question why.

If our country is thought of as being the pinnacle of creativity, then let us be creative. It may be healthcare, but it may also be education, space travel, technology, manufacturing, or any other field. Don't say it can't work, say..."How can we make it work better!"