Attitude is everything. Your outlook on life can motivate you or bring you down. We live in a world of constant change. There's no denying that life is permanently temporary.'s how one deals with those changes that can make the voyage a tough row to hoe or a incredible vista to enjoy.

We are all fortunate to be alive, and for that we should be grateful. That gratitude often brings with it a feeling of awe and can inspire us to do things we never thought possible. Having a positive attitude, along with the gratitude of our existence, enables us to make it through the toughest of times. When we are faced with adversity and have the courage to fight through the "pain," the level of fortitude we exhibit can make the result that much more enriching - a life lesson that we can carry with us until the end of our days.

Seeing those traits of greatness in ourselves leads to an understanding of what magnitude truly is. It is a recognition of our ability to endure and a realization that the results which have manifested from our actions are both satisfying and fulfilling. Those are attributes that some people have not yet learned. 

Sometimes we are given an epiphany - a special moment when we know that our attitude can, indeed, lift us to new heights, when our gratitude can enable us to intensify our senses and completely "take in" the beauty that exists around us, and when our perseverance has brought us to a place we had only previously hoped to experience. That amazing instance can change our lives forever. However, life's journey can also cause those same realizations to occur over time. Either way...they prove to us that magnitude is an entirely reachable human state.    
With the moon's spectacular display last night, once again I thought about how incredible our universe truly is. The heavenly bodies enable us to watch an amazing show every day and every night. The sun, the moon, the stars, and other entities floating in space, allow us to experience both the vastness of the heavens and how tiny, yet powerful, each one of us really is.

The Earth is but a "grain of sand" in the hugeness of space and we are only tiny individual inhabitants of that "grain." Yet...our intelligence and abilities to dissect information, as well as recognize that we are those tiny inhabitants, gives us a perspective about ourselves and our place on this planet that will, hopefully, bring some humbleness to each of us.

Perhaps we, as a species, need to spend more time thinking about how "small" we are in addition to the "bigness" of our hopes and dreams. Maybe, if we spend more time realizing the oneness of everything, we'd be able to understand how important it is to appreciate each other and the things that bring us pleasure, without bringing harm to those people and things around us.

And, then...we might even find that we can revel in the wonder of a peaceful existence and be in awe of things that enable us to see the beauty of life - like...a full moon on a June night.

A short talk on analyzing your passions and how to make them productive.'s true. Size really does matter. In fact, it not only effects your life - but it will certainly effect the lives of others as well.

No, I'm not talking about an outward physical trait. What I'm addressing here is the size of a few things that are far more important. How "big" is your heart? How "broad" is your mind?

Living with a "big heart" and a "broad mind" enables you to spread good energy, see things in a more accepting manner, and allows you to learn more easily. A "narrow mind" and "closed heart" tends to drive people, who may add texture, love, and kindness, to your life...away. What you are left with are only those with the same "closed heart" perspective and "narrow mindset" as yourself. That will, most assuredly, limit your view of life and will stunt your ability to grow as well. 

However, the toughest part is to be able to admit to yourself that you have a "closed heart" and a "narrow mind." It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to recognize one's shortcomings. And...even more to want to change. A "broad, or open, mind" and a "big heart" may cause a person discomfort at first because it goes against what one has "stood for" his or her entire life. Yet...once they are achieved a person frees himself, or herself, from the negative energy and the physical affects that a "small heart" and a "narrow mind" causes.

If you've ever be around negative people (or you are one yourself), their faces emit the affects that their negativity creates. A positive person is lighter, happier, and less stressed. Closing one's heart and one's mind will, ultimately, increase one's stress and also cause physical ailments. aware of the "size" of your heart and mind. Open them both. It will allow you the freedom to pass on an overly stressful and judgmental life. And - give you the rewards that go with a "big heart" and a "broad mind." 

A quick look at our intrinsic power and how to use it.
Inner peace seems to be what we are all in search of. Some humans realize it, others don't. Many people mask their desire for inner peace by overcompensating with and/or about other things. Often the material world becomes their substitute for inner peace. It brings them a costume, a form of self deception that hides their inner being, or so they think. However, those who recognize the depth and reality of inner peace are not taken by the mask, they know that the material only covers the nakedness of the soul.

That does not mean that one can't have material things, wealth, physical desires, and inner peace as well. It's only when the physical/material world is so pervasive in one's mind that their soul is lost in the process.

I am only an individual like you. One who has had his ups and downs and has dealt with health, happiness, sickness, and death. Through it all I have learned that inner peace can come by way of a long process or enter one's life as an epiphany. It arrives from knowledge and the wisdom of using one's mind in a cognitive way. By not being led except by one's self. It is derived through questioning...everything - and accepting nothing until all pertinent information has be deciphered. It means having an open mind and not being judgmental. The paradox comes when you finally know that you may never know. When you can flow with the energy of life as if it is a river. And...when you can enjoy the beauty of life for its own sake.

The calmness of inner peace is unveiled when one understands that a cloudy day presents its magnificence in a different, yet no less incredible, way as a day when the sun is brilliant and sheds it light on all that can be seen - like a blanket covering the Earth with a golden hue that cannot be matched by the greatest of artists. Inner peace comes when the sound of children laughing soothes one's soul like the music of a philharmonic. And...when all the things of life are viewed as a huge fabric textured by every nuance that each day brings - that is when one is engulfed by the realization that inner peace is a continuum.

With that, I have listed 7 steps that may help in one's discovery of inner peace. They are as follow:

1. Love all: Every being on this Earth desires love, including one's self. It is hard to give love when a person does not love himself, or herself, first. Be loving to yourself. That also means to forgive yourself and others so that your love is unencumbered.

2. Help many: No one can help everyone. That's impossible. But...each one of us can help a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Whether you give of your time, your money, your effort, or your doesn't matter. It is the act itself that counts.

3. Care kindly: Many people will care for others in a begrudging way. It may be their job, profession, or...they may feel that it's their obligation. The caregiver who gives without kindness is not giving care at all, but just performing a function. Kindness makes care a caring service.

4. Enjoy others: Each of us needs enjoyment. We all have to laugh. As I often say, "Laughter is the nectar of the soul." Laughter and smiling, fun and enjoyment, are all emotionally and physically beneficial and makes everyone feel better and calmer about themselves.

5. Choose wisely: Life is filled with choices - constantly. We choose every action, everyday. Think about how your choices affect your life and the lives of others. The peaceful individual realizes that his or her energy and actions can create havoc or harmony, for themselves and others. Choose harmony.

6. Want little: The pursuit of material things often produces feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, distrust, greed, and many other emotions that take one's being away from peace. The most important things we have are ourselves, each other, our Earthly home, and time. The more time and energy you spend chasing a fabricated need for an over abundance of the material, the less time you will have to enjoy the peace and tranquility of life.

7. Need only yourself: Ultimately we only have ourselves on this trip called life. Of course, each one of us has other people and animals that we care about, love, and desire to be close with and to. Yet, when all is said and done...we are alone within the multitude. No one should ever be totally dependent on another person. Knowing how to be calm and relaxed in solitude is a wonderful experience. It frees us to realize that true peace materializes when we can be at peace with ourselves first. can begin to know the beauty of inner peace.
I'm like every other human in an industrialized country...I'm bombarded with advertising. Everything is for sale. Of course, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the object of marketing is to make you feel insecure on some level so that buying what they're selling will, supposedly, make you feel better about yourself.

The beauty industry is chuck full of this tactic. And...not just for woman, but men as well. You must have a "certain look." to be thought of as beautiful. Or - act a certain way to be in with the "beautiful people." Regardless of the cream you apply to your skin, the deodorant you use under your arms, the spray, color, or gel that permeates your hair, or the makeup you put on your face, one thing is always can't make your inside beautiful by buying some sort of cosmetic.

Yes...we all have our chemical attractions to another person. There's a physical look that turns us on. The sound of one's voice, the way a person carries himself or herself, their build, certain parts of their bodies, their hair, smile, eye color, and teeth, all play a role in attraction. Still, it's all for naught if the inside isn't developed, is miserable, negative, insecure, narcissistic, or any myriad of things that negates the beauty on the outside.

Did you ever look at someone and think that they were a beautiful specimen of a human being? Of course you have. Did you then have the opportunity to get to know them and find out that, within a short amount of time, you realized that their inside didn't match their outside at all? And longer found them as attractive, or maybe even, wanted to get away from them as fast as possible?

We work so hard on our outward appearance that we forget that what's on the inside is more important. What makes a happy couple? Of course, they have to be physically attracted to each other, but...what keeps them together comes from within.

When you look in the mirror, think about the qualities that make up who you are. What legacy would you leave if you died today? I know it's a morbid thought,'s an important one. Would people say that you were a good, caring, loving, compassionate person? Geez...perhaps they'd also think that you were attractive (which is a relative term) too. Or...would they just say that you were good looking but not someone others wanted to be around. Or - at the very least was tough to be around?

The question is real. The reactions are real. That's life. You may be rich and not liked, rich and loved, poor and hard to feel close to, or poor and deeply loved. Money has nothing to do with it. It's about you and what's inside. Take stock of who you are and what others will say about you when you're gone. You may not care. But...those around you will. One way or another our legacy lives on and our impact on others continues long after we're dust.