There is more to our existence than we commonly recognize. I'm not talking woo-woo here...I'm speaking about our abilities to go beyond what we currently think we're capable of. For years I've watched people profess to have "special powers," have insights that no one else can have, or hold themselves out as "spiritual beings," as if they're in a place that only a few are allowed to enter.

I don't believe any of that! What I do know is that some of the aforementioned people (those who aren't charlatans), have been able to use their perceptions at a heightened level. We all have the same abilities (yes...they can be altered by illness, drugs or genetic anomalies), however...we've "learned" how not to use many of them or have become "dumbed down" away from understanding our own capabilities.

Telepathy, separation of self, intuitive thought, cognition, energy transference, aren't the things of "special beings," they're part of all of us. It makes me laugh, while at the same time feel sad, when I hear people say that they went to a lecture and this man or that woman was so spiritual...without realizing that they themselves are too. Actually - I think the word "spiritual" has been overused, and has lost it's meaning. It removes people from who they really are.

What people have to realize is that their minds haven't been exercised enough. They haven't expanded their own mental "powers" to the point where they can experience a fuller spectrum of life. I'm not talking about something "induced," I'm talking about the here and now...the ability that our brains afford us that we've, all too often, become too lazy to use.

Spend some time working on building up your thought processes, and energy recognition. Play "games" that will help you realize that your mind hasn't been used nearly enough. Start to recognize things around you that you normally don't. Be aware, alert, and able. Enhance your mind by thinking about your abilities to use your energy to affect those around you, as well as yourself, in positive ways that you've never done before.

In about four or five months my new book will be out. It addresses a number of these subjects in more depth, along with exercises to help you achieve some of the things I've mentioned. In the mean time...don't think someone else has greater powers than you. It's just that you haven't uncovered them yet. Believe me - it's worth the exploration!
Pritesh Patel
3/29/2012 10:55:34 pm

Wow! Very deep and insightful example you have put here. I am systematically learning to understand mind and its full potential from a book of Jana-Yoga. There, while I was reading index, I have come across list of theses accomplishments. I wondered and speculated but your experiences have opened possibilities. Your path towards enlightenment has interest me. Thank you.

Dan Goldberg
3/30/2012 07:39:39 am


Thank you for your insights and kind words.

Jiya Kim
4/10/2012 02:49:29 pm

Whether it’s through prayers or meditation, I think that all human have ability to become spiritual. I believe that being spiritual means transcending our ego-based dysfunctional minds and be in touch with our higher selves.. so that we become conscious, rational, and out of clusters that are making us to do things that are inconsistent with who we really are. But living in an achievement oriented world has many blockages. As we learned in marketing class, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs illustrates that before we satisfy our spiritual needs, we need to fulfill our physiological, safety, social, and esteem needs first. Most of us are busy trying to fulfill those categories. Some people are focused on opportunity to succeed, some are focused on romantic love, and some are simply trying to have their ends meet..

4/11/2012 01:19:24 pm


Thank you! Your observations are interesting and on point. I agree that we must transcend our ego-based dysfunctional minds in order to get in touch with our higher selves. I also recognize that many people are "caught" and don't realize that by reaching a higher plane, some of Maslow's Hierarchical Needs can be met. But, as you say...they are "blocked" by our (material) achievement oriented. society.

Jiya Kim
4/18/2012 06:20:11 am

Thank you.


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