What is time? I posed that question to my father when I was a young boy. His answer has been with me ever since. "Danny," he said..."Time is the rich man's way of telling the poor man when to be at work."

I can't argue with his definition. Of course, he was being simplistic and answering only one aspect of that thing that measures our lives. In fact, it really is the primary measurement of our entire existence. "How old is she?" "How long has he been working here?" "Ahh...what a cutie - and he's grown so quickly in 15 months!" "When did the Earth come into being?" Our questions and statements about time are constant. You've probably checked the time an 
inordinate amount today - just like most people.

We live our lives governed by time. Meetings, deadlines, benchmarks, and other markers of life, are all gauged on, and by, time. But...what REALLY is it in the grander scheme of our everyday lives? How could we measure things without time? 

Time, to me, is just the constant presence of now. That's it. Our time measurements can only happen in the now. As I'm writing this article each moment is a new now. The future only exists in our minds - as does the past. Time is a floating "now" machine. Yeah...I get it. You're gonna say, "Wait a minute - I lived yesterday - I know it for a fact. And...I'm planning for tomorrow because, hopefully, I'll be able to do the things I've posted in my planner." To that I say, "You're absolutely correct!" However, they only happened, or will happen, in a particular now.

When you leave this wonderful spinning globe, will time have any meaning? No. So...time is relative (as Einstein stated). Can it really be wasted. No. Only the efforts you deem necessary and the deadlines you self-imposed are judged, not the time you lived doing (or not doing) them.

With that said, I hope you've enjoyed your time reading this post and perhaps you'll give time a bit more thought. After all...for us it's finite - and now.
10/12/2013 04:26:52 pm

really nice xxx

Dan Goldberg
10/13/2013 02:15:26 am

Thank you Helen!!

Cam Banana Peele
10/14/2013 12:22:45 am

Love it . Also along those lines is time is not a frame in which we live but a mode in which we think

Dan Goldberg
10/14/2013 01:06:40 am

Well said Cam!! And...thanks!!

10/14/2013 07:45:26 am

Time is what I run out of every night when I make myself go to sleep. Finally.
A long time, is how I know you.
When I see you next for dinner, it'll be about time!


Dan Goldberg
10/14/2013 11:08:20 am

A long time indeed Arlene! And, I'll be about time!

8/18/2016 02:08:25 am

Time is my weak point. Both my everyday time sources and my life time at all. It makes me anxious sometimes.


This is probably the most unusual description of the essence of time, I was amazed at this answer and now it does not come out of my head.

4/17/2018 04:12:18 am

This time constantly does not suffice, because I want to have time to do a lot, but because of the lack of time, I have to choose.


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