We hear the word enlightenment tossed around quite often, does a person become enlightened? What does it really mean? And - "How will we know it when we see it?"

In the this short video I discuss some of the different means used to "achieve" enlightenment and what parts self-separation, rising above one's self, and the capacity of the human mind plays in becoming enlightened. In addition, I cover some of the contents of my new book, "Soaring To Enlightenment - The Secret to Living a Contented Life."

We all know that we live in a universe much greater than ourselves. Yet, understanding the magnitude of our surroundings and the enormous role that energy plays in our environment, our lives, and our individual existence, is not usually discussed in everyday conversations and our educational systems.

I look forward to your comments about this video, your own experiences (relative to enlightenment and the topics discussed), and any other relevant information you would enjoy passing along.

Pritesh Patel
8/18/2012 05:42:29 am

Reading your book was fantastic experience. I literally observed myself like never before- laughing, dancing, thinking, dreaming and imagining. It took me to the places I always wanted to go- my childhood, my memories and my noble thoughts.

Because of your book, I am able to write this with me above my physical self. It keeps me delightful with big-o-smile on my face. Now, I am able to observe my surroundings and my physical self with much more ease. It feels like magic. I am pretty sure that observing my life like simulation is the enlightenment. I may not be proficient but thanks to you, I got you and your book as my guide.

This experience also happened to me before while I was researching on my own. I watched this video and I had that fearless kind of experience but wasn’t able to maintain it. May be because I became too serious to laugh on myself. Yes, I also realized why you said: becoming too serious is the end.

Here it is, enjoy!

Dan Goldberg
8/18/2012 02:19:47 pm


Thank you so very much for your post! Your words are wonderful and convey the reasons why I wrote the book.

I am so happy that you have been able to experience "viewenics" and the broad view of life that it details. To know that you were able to observe yourself in an expanded way and travel to places that you enjoyed...brings me joy!

And - thank you for the video! It was fantastic and I relished the information it relayed. I'm also glad that you recognized how important laughter is in one's life.

Thanks again Pritesh!


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