Here are 7 ways to make your life happier. can start doing them immediately.

1. Let go of the past.
It has already let go of you, although you may not realize it. There's no way to change what's happened, so let go of it like a feather in the wind. If you do will float away harmlessly and free you from its shackles.

2. Don't take yourself too seriously.
There's more to life than the next deal, the perfect look, or being the one who must keep a certain decorum to appear professional. What does that mean anyway? You'll find that people will relate better to you when you are less serious. will make you feel less encumbered.

3. Stop thinking that you have to be right (or always are).
Listening to others with an open mind will help you grow and learn...and will enable you to lessen the anguish of needing to be correct (even if you're not). It's much easier to be relaxed (and happy) when you're not constantly fighting in order to prove your point.

4. Love yourself.
You're all you've got. So...why not love the person that you are. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't grow and strive for new and exciting things. However, there's a certain happiness you get from knowing that you're ok. Love starts within and works its way out. When people see that you're happy with yourself and love who you are, you'll find that you'll feel better and...attract happier people as well!

5. Take a step in a new direction.
People get stuck. It happens all the time. Routines become - well...routine. When you are caught in doing the same things over and over again, it often leads to stagnation, a lack of motivation, and sometimes depression.
There's plenty to do that's new. Change the place where you go to lunch (or even the lunch itself), go to a concert, read something you normally wouldn't, or...even change your job (or at least the tasks within it). Do new. It's bound to expand your boundaries and...make you happier!

6. Play with friends.
Yea...that's what I said. Get your friends together and play! You can do that by going out to eat, sitting and watching a TV show in your living room (just make sure you create lots of interaction), having a pick-up game, or a cookout. But - play! You can bet that they'll be lots of smiling, happiness and good feelings.

7. Laugh.
Laughter is one of those things that makes your entire being feel great. And...there's plenty to laugh at. First, there's yourself. As I like to say, "Those who can't laugh at themselves will never know true happiness." A good belly laugh is one of life's "ups." already know that. Now, you just have to do it with regularity! If you think about some of the absurdities of life (including those things that you've allowed to block your happiness) you will never run out of things to laugh about!

Minghui Chen
5/31/2012 04:50:36 am

I have saw a interesting picture before, title " There is nothing to worry about in you life".

Do you have anything to worry about in you life, if the answer is no, then why you worry? if the answer is yes, then ask youself, can you solve the question, if the answer is yes, then why you worry? if the answer is no, then why you worry?(since you can't solve it)

just ask youself these questions and answers them would make you happier or feel better if you have any difficulty or sadness, in addition to you seven steps.

Dan Goldberg
5/31/2012 09:52:41 am


Thanks so much for our insights! I totally agree with you. Worry is a time and energy waster.

I wrote a blog about that a while back on this site. You may find it interesting. Here's the link:


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