This past weekend my girlfriend and I attended a very special wedding in New York City. The bride was my best friend's daughter. I've known her dad for 58 of my 64 years and her since she was born. The affair was formal, which meant I had to get my tuxedo out (I hadn't worn it for a few years) and try it on - I did, about six weeks prior to the wedding. To my had shrunk! How the heck could that have happened while it was hanging in my closet. It must have something to do with the cycles of the sun, or the moon, or the Mayan Calendar (or something like that!). Anyway...that gave me two options. Either I had to lose weight, or have the pants "taken out."

I chose the first. I'm 5'10" (at least that's what my driver's license says - although my son will argue with that and say 5'9" - perhaps I've shrunk too, but I wasn't hanging next to my tux in the closet for last couple of years). And...have been around 180 pounds for quite a while (as attested to my last visit to the doctor - also about six weeks ago). However, I know that I wasn't that weight when I bought my penguin suite. How do I get down to "my dancing comfortably in my tux" weight? The Dan Goldberg diet - of course! No fuss, no muss, and no videos, books, or special meals to buy (from the diet company). And since this website is all about being healthy and living a healthy, productive lifestyle (physically, emotionally, psychologically, strategically, and spiritually) I'll fill you in! Here's how it works. At the end I'll give you my result.

1. Set a goal and stick to it. Make it a realistic amount within a realistic time frame. When you reach your goal, you can always set another one!

2. Exercise Daily. You don't have to join a gym to exercise. I've never been a gym member, yet I exercise every day for about 20 minutes. I've built my routine up over time - as you should - so...start with what suits you. Don't strain yourself to the point where you're pulling muscles and hurting yourself. Stretching comes first. Then side-to-side leg/body crossovers (in bed or on the floor). I do 52. I follow this with crunches and sit ups - in different reps - for a total of 420 (it sounds like a lot, but not if you do it in stages). And lastly...60 push-ups (in 2 different forms). Again, don't think you should do what I do. Set your own program and pace.

3. Eat better food and less sweets. Stay away from additives, preservatives, artificial hormones, in fact...artificial anything. Your body is all you have (physically), so treat it with respect. Don't feed yourself crap! I'm NOT saying that you should be a fanatic though. Of course...if there's nothing organic around and you're starving - "natural" can suffice. Above all, stay away from junk. Soda (pop), donuts, and all those other sugary/processed foods and drinks are what's adding unnecessary pounds to our populace. I know it's tempting to eat lots of cookies and sweets (my toughest part of this area), me, it'll pay off.


4. Eat smaller portions. We Americans "supersize" everything, including our portions. You're better off eating smaller portions and doing so a bit more frequently (perhaps 5 times a day), than gorging yourself with 3 huge meals. Before my six week sojourn my portions were always very large (especially dinner). Now, my biggest meal is breakfast (which normally includes organic: oatmeal, powdered acai, blueberries, strawberries, raisins, walnuts, a little honey, and a mug of coffee, all followed by a 1/2 square of dark chocolate).

5. Do push aways. That's one of the best exercises you can do. Push that plate (or food container) away when you feel full. Put the extra food back in the pantry, the frig, or the bread basket. And...don't be a bread freak. Overdoing bread (like anything else) can add weight fast. I'm a breadaholic...can eat a lot of it, day in and day out. So...this was a huge change for me.

6. Leave your abode. Get out of the house/apartment/condo and walk, run, stroll...whatever. Enjoy the scenery around you. Smell the flowers, look at the birds, laugh, and you'll find that you're "magically" away from food and really don't care!

7. Tell someone you're on a diet. Being accountable is part of the process. When I told my girlfriend and son that I was going to lose weight, I had two people, besides myself, who could hold me accountable. I like to do what I say I'm gonna do, so...this helped motivate me. can do the same for you.

Well - that's the Dan Goldberg diet. Of course when you do it, it'll have your name as its title. It's not hard, doesn't cost anything - in fact you'll save money. And...if you stay with it, you can lose twelve pounds in six weeks like I did (or more, or perhaps a bit less). But, it has certainly changed the way I eat.

Lastly, at the start of my diet I said that I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted at the wedding, and I stuck to my word. Plus...I ate very well at the brunch the next day. But, I also said that I'd get right back on the horse as soon as the brunch was over. I did, and will continue my new eating habits just feels right and I feel pretty good without those extra pounds! I'm sure you will too!

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